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USB industrial smartcard module for custom applications

ISO7816 standard, usable with any contact smartcard such as:

  • digital signature cards (e.g. Infocamere, Infocert, Aruba, Namirial)
  • CRS (Regional Service Card)
  • CNS (National Service Card)
  • Health insurance card
  • CAC Dod
  • Memory Cards

Completely Plug & Play, it does not require drivers for installation with any Windows, MacOS, or Linux operating system


This device is the best solution for integrators.

It can be used in custom devices applications like kiosk, vending machines fidelity systems

It is 100% Plug&Play with all Windows, Linux, MacOS operating systems

Connect it and it will be ready to use with your favorite application

Communicates in the standard PC/SC mode used by all smartcard applications.

You can access our support area by clicking the link on the top right to download

  • testing software
  • datasheet
  • manuals
  • declarations of conformity
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